Thank you 2019 & Hello 2020

In 2019, fluorecare®, as the leading brand of Microprofit Biotech, received much support and trust from all over the world. We would like to thank every customer we contacted this year. And hope we can maintain a tight collaboration in the coming 2020 and make a bigger achievement.  […]

New brochure, new products

Microprofit fluorecare® has continuously devoted much effort to develop new products and improve the performance of products already in the market.  […]

Hello SHANGHAI - Microprofit Biotech in CMEF 2019

The 81st CMEF Spring 2019 (14th – 17th May) was ended in Shanghai last week, the exhibition attracted more than 200,000 visitors and gathered over 4300 global exhibitors to enjoy the feast of medical world.  […]